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We want more people to have knowledge of their finances, with easy access, and without getting involved with budgeting or putting in the manual work of sorting.

More than 40.000 people in the world successfully transact using online banks


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All about your finances is now easy to manage with just one app one place and one hand

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Win today’s bidding war by combining the best of humans with powerful technology.

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Transactions to all types of banks without admin fees without exception

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Record all transactions in detail without worrying about where your expenses go

Onlybank supports thousands of banks in US & Canada, and is actively adding more.

Connect up to 3 banks and track them all in one place. Onlybank is always working to support smaller institutions in US & Canada, follow Onlybank on Twitter → for updates on newly supported institutions.

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Connect up to 3 banks and their accounts


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Get a weekly reminder to check spending

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With many excellent features we are able to help you in dealing with your financial problems
The smart way to see your recent expenses in detail without missing a beat


Keep info secure with Touch ID or Face ID


Manually add spending for things like cash